Data Of 380K Patients Compromised In Hack Of 13 Anesthesia Practices

The Department of Health and Human Services breach reporting tool recently added 13 separate filings from anesthesia practices across the U.S., stemming from a “data security incident” at the covered entities’ management company. In total, the compromise involved the protected health information of 380,104 patients.

The HHS tool appears to center on entities tied to New York-based Resource Anesthesiology Associates and Anesthesia Associates, including sites in El Paso, California, Washington, Palm Springs, Lynbrook, Hazleton, Fredericksburg, Bronx, San Joaquin, and Maryland. Upstate Anesthesia Services is also listed.

It’s currently unclear the name of the management company. A dive into how, or whether, these providers are connected found just one breach notice from Anesthesia Associates of El Paso PA, “an anesthesia provider to a local healthcare facility.”

The breach notification shows the incident occurred on July 15, 2022 at “its management company.” No further details are shared as to the entity behind the incident, or the threat behind the compromise.

However the incident occurred, it appears that protected health information stored in the management company’s system was impacted during the event, which included patient names, contact details, health insurance policy numbers, Social Security numbers, payment data, and health information, such as treatments and diagnoses. 

The entities involved have since improved security controls to better “secure the system and protect patient information.”

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