Data leak Malindo Air: data of tens of thousands of Dutch people currently for sale on hacker forum

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Personal data of an expected 15 to 20 thousand Dutch people who flew with Malaysian airline Malindo Air are currently being offered for sale on a surface web hacker forum. Phone numbers and passport details, among other things, have been captured and are being traded.

If you’ve flown with Malaysian Malindo Air in recent years, chances are your data is currently for sale online. On a well-known hacker forum, a forum member tries to sell a database containing the data of millions of travellers. About 15 to 20 thousand Dutch people are involved in the hack, but also Belgians, Germans and New Zealanders. It is likely that many more nationalities are involved.

What data is involved?

Various flight and personal data were stolen during the hack. Per passenger this includes:

Passenger ID Passenger type (adult, child, infant) Salutation (Mr., Ms., Dr., etc) First Name Last name phone number Passport number Passport issue date Passport Expiration Date Date of birth Country where the passport was issued


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