D66 wants clarification about DDoS attack Ukraine via the Netherlands

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D66 MP Alexander Hammelburg has asked Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren and State Secretary for Digitization Alexandra van Huffelen for clarification about the DDoS attack last Tuesday. At that time, a Dutch server is said to have played a coordinating role in an attack on Ukrainian websites.

Hammelburg wants to know how many cyber attacks have been carried out against Ukraine since 2014. He also wants to know how many of these passed through the Netherlands. He also wants an answer to the question of what the risks are for the Netherlands if cyber-attacks run via Dutch servers. Another question he asks is what the Netherlands is doing to stop the attacks.

The D66 MP is also curious whether a link can be made between the cyberattack and the support that the Netherlands offered Ukraine in the digital war against Russia. Finally, he asks: “In addition to cyberattacks on Ukraine via the Netherlands, are there other countries that are periodically attacked via the Netherlands?”

Ollongren and Van Huffelen have three weeks to respond.

DDoS attack via the Netherlands

Hammelburg asks these questions on the basis of an analysis by BNR last Tuesday. They found that the ‘Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)’ attack was carried out from a command-and-control server in Amsterdam. With this, hackers shut down a large part of the websites of the Ukrainian ministry and banking system.

Cybersecurity expert Rickey Gevers tells BNR that the attack resembled a so-called DNS amplification DDoS attack. This means that attackers don’t necessarily use an army of individual computers to bring down the network. They

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