CyberDefenders Walkthrough : Intel101

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CyberDefenders Walkthrough : Intel101An OSINT CTF Challenge

This write-up is a walkthrough of the Intel101 challenge by CyberDefenders. The challenge can be found here.

Photo by Markus Winkler on UnsplashChallenge Details:“Open-source intelligence (OSINT) exercise to practice mining and analyzing public data to produce meaningful intel when investigating external threats.”

Let’s dive straight into the questions and solve this challenge!

Q1. Who is the Registrar for

We can run a simple whois lookup to find the Registrar for the mentioned domain.

whois | grep Registrar:whois lookup

As per the output, the Registrar for this domain is NameCheap which becomes our flag for this question.

Q2. You get a phone call from this number: 855–707–7328, they were previously known by another name? (No spaces between words)

By performing a direct google search for the mentioned phone number, we find the text “On my Spectrum/Time Warner bill is this phone number to call if I have questions about my bills: (855–707–7328)”

Google search results for 855–707–7328

This indicates that this is a support helpline number for Spectrum/Time Warner. This also tells us

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