Cybercriminals masquerading as MFA vendors

Cybercriminals are increasingly posing as multi-factor authentication vendors and small businesses are becoming more popular targets, according to VIPRE.

Attachment-based malspam is on the rise Financial institutions (48%) are still the most targeted sector by a wide margin. Insider attacks now take on average 85 days to contain – up from 77 days the previous year. The most common phishing links are compromised websites (52%), newly registered domains (39%), and subdomain cybersquatting (9%).

The report also concluded that attachment-based malspam is on the rise, by a significant 22% when compared to malspam with links. Not to be forgotten, the technologically static attachment still is a popular nesting ground for malicious scripts and macros. Also, the US overtook Russia as the top spam originator among VIPRE customers. However, look with scrutiny: most of the world’s servers are in North America, so you can’t always take a US IP at face value.

“It’s one thing to get a siloed view from a single customer. It’s another to get a year’s worth of data from thousands of email clients across the globe,” said Usman Choudhary, chief product and technology officer at VIPRE. “You can speculate about emerging threats all you want, but the facts don’t lie.”

“It takes international resources, experienced analysis, and enterprise-level technology that only an experienced email security provider can offer to create a report like this. We know the experience we have in this space is unique, and the SME community might not get this type

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