Cyber Threats – The New Norm in Data Security

“Data: We have never had so much of it, and it has never been so challenging to protect.”

These are some of the opening words in the new survey published by ISMG and HelpSystems in the ‘Data Security Survey 2022’. The survey explores how COVID19 has permanently changed how CISOs approach Data Security.

It is an important study because it recognises that in a world which is in a rush to return to ‘normal’ (whatever normal is now), change has come, and we need to respond to it.

The report states that the amount of Data we create (and consume) is only ever increasing, which I don’t believe should be news to anyone. Consider for a moment the explosion in the use of video conferencing (MSTeams, Zoom etc.) to hold meetings during COVID, and how many of these were recorded? All the webinars and events that suddenly moved online, and all the companies who quickly had to invest in devices so their staff could work remotely.

The amount of data we create was already increasing, and this was before COVID19 forced us all to go online. 

Data, Data everywhere.

This point should not be glossed over, and it’s worth again considering the number of new internet users forced online during the Pandemic. From pensioners who were provided mobile devices to stay in contact with loved ones to schools and childcare services who were forced to conduct classes and safeguarding sessions on Zoom. Although these individuals use technology, there are CISOs

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