Cyber Threat Intelligence: what it is and how does it work?

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 Cyber Threat Intelligence – It is the information about the Cyber threats a company may be exposed to used to understand the threats that have hit, want to hit, or are about to target the corporate perimeter.

This information is used to prepare for, prevent and identify possible Cyber attacks that seek to breach and acquire sensitive corporate data (or alternatively, simply be disruptive).


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Cyber Threat Intelligence helps companies to gain valuable knowledge about the direct threats, to build effective defense mechanisms (Cyber Resillience) and to mitigate risks that could damage profits and reputation.

Targeted attacks require a targeted defense. Cyber Threat Intelligence has the ability to defend more proactively.


Cyber Threat Intelligence: in detail

Cyber Threat Intelligence represents how Intelligence has been deployed in Cyber Security. In order to outline possible cyber threats from a technical point of view, it includes the collection and analysis of information related to specific operational contexts.

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