Cyber Risk Indicators – Cyber Security in the Italian economic industries

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Cyber Risk Indicators is an analytical service provided by Swascan to raise awareness and provide an overview of various italian industries’s cyber security state.

The Cyber Risk Indicators service determines and measures the potential cyber risk of the industry sector under analysis.

The analysis takes into consideration 20 organizations among the top 100 on a turnover basis of the product market under analysis and refers to the 30 days prior to the publication of the analysis.

For each selected organization, Domain Threat Intelligence (DTI) is performed using the Swascan Cyber Security Platform.


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Cyber Risk Indicators: Threat Intelligence

Swascan’s Threat Intelligence services are:

Domain Threat Intelligence: Domain Threat Intelligence searches for public and semi-public information about domain and subdomain vulnerabilities and compromised email. The service does not perform any test on the target. It operates only on the information available in the web, darkweb and deepweb. It collects, analyzes and clusters the information available in OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) and

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