Cyber Risk Index (2H’ 2021): An Assessment for Security Leaders

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Let’s dig into the results a bit further to identify areas of greatest concern across regions.

1. Top five security risks
With the global Covid-19 pandemic continuing as well as many successful ransomware attacks and breaches occurring, it does appear that many organizations felt some areas of their preparedness may be more of a concern now than in the past. Below are the top five security risks around their infrastructure:

Mobile/remote employees Cloud computing infrastructure and providers Across 3rd party applications Malicious insiders Mobile devices such as smart phones

The pandemic brought a major shift from working in office to working from home (WFH), and many organizations had to quickly figure out how to secure these employees.  As seen above, this is the biggest concern from respondents and will likely continue.  Similarly, businesses showed concerns about mobile devices which are being used more by employees to conduct business remotely. 

We also saw an acceleration with cloud implementations during the pandemic and as such it’s not surprising this area of the infrastructure is of major concern.  Both WFH and cloud implementations also mean a higher reliance on third-party applications being utilized, and respondents recognize this as a threat.  Lastly, malicious insiders are a staple in this list and is one of the hardest areas to protect against for organizations.

2. Lack of preparation
Globally, respondents indicated the lowest number for preparedness out of all 31 questions in this area: My organization’s IT security function supports security in the DevOps

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