Cyber Hygiene: How to get buy-in from employees

Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2022 Series

“However good a drug is, it is no good if people don’t take it or take it badly“

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Why is cyber hygiene important?

As the cost of a data breach continues to increase, enterprises must keep up with cyber hygiene best practices. But simply focusing on security controls and procedures like using antivirus software and applying security patches isn’t enough. We need to change our approach. Human behavior that leads to low security adoption rates and poor cyber hygiene must be considered to avoid data loss and security breaches.

Humans are often the first line of defense. Remote work and the influx in connected devices and mobile devices on insecure home networks has expanded the attack surface. Verizon reported that 82% of cyber incidents involved human error. And according to Reciprocity, only 55% of people are vigilant about cybersecurity when working from home. Thus, even if you have a VPN for remote workers, it’s rendered useless if they forget to use it before signing into their email.

Not only does this put the business at risk but employees are impacted as well. Costly security breaches can lead to bankruptcy or closures, leaving staff suddenly unemployed.

Barriers to good cyber hygiene

Why is it so challenging to get company-wide buy-in? Let’s look at the similar issue of patients taking their medicine.

At the 24th International AIDS Conference, presenters discussed improving outcomes and new areas of research, including

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