Cyber Deterrence : A Simple Perspective

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Cyber deterrence is a topic that comes in and out of vogue. It is widely studied but often misunderstood. It also suffers tremendously from an over use of analogies into other realms of even more studied aspects of deterrence, like nuclear deterrence.

There is a massive amount of research on this topic, a lot of which is good, but a lot of which falls into the category of interesting but not useful. As a result, cyber deterrence is not actively considered or discussed much in the main stream of security practitioners, at least outside of Government or military circles.

This short post is my take on cyber deterrence that I (and others) have found useful over the years. Experts, however that is defined in this field, might criticize this perhaps overly simplistic take as naive. But, I am not without some degree of knowledge on this subject having been an active participant in many studies, many actual deterrent activities and periods of significant

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