Cyber Defenders Phishy Walkthrough

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What is the AD1 file?
AD1 filename suffix is mostly used for Forensic Toolkit FTK Imager Image files. Forensic Toolkit FTK Imager Image format was developed by AccessData Group, LLC..AD1 files are supported by software applications available for devices running Windows.

HINT: the AD1 file format does not directly support autopsy. So check their setup guide before you start

Q1__) What is the hostname of the victim machine?

HINT : windows →system32 → config → SYSTEM → CurrentControlSet001 → Control → ComputerName


Q2___)What is the messaging app installed on the victim machine?

HINT : Users →Semah → Check Downloads /AppData

ANS : Whatsapp

Q3___) The attacker tricked the victim into downloading a malicious document. Provide the full download URL.

HINT : Users →Semah →AppData →whatsapp →Databases →msgstore.db(Export it )Open the file in whatsapp viewer .check the msg


Q4___) Multiple streams contain macros in the document. Provide the number of the highest stream.

HINT : go to FTK imager →open the user folder semah → download →export the doc

use to find the largest macro stream

ANS : 10

Q5__)The macro executed a program. Provide the program name?

HINT : use olevba

Here it useses the characterstring obfuscation.

use the — deobf

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