Cyber Attack Halts Production at Ag Equipment Maker AGCO Fendt

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A cyber attack has disrupted the operations of AGCO/Fendt, a major manufacturer of agricultural equipment, the company has acknowledged.

AGCO/Fendt, headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, said in a statement to the Security Ledger that it was the subject of a cybersecurity incident that “has impacted some of our production facilities. We are working to address the issues. Our first priority is to restore those critical activities needed to keep farmers farming.” The company first acknowledged the attack on Thursday, May 5.

Factories hobbled in Germany, France

That followed published reports in German and French publications stemming from unexpected shutdowns of manufacturing facilities in those countries. For example, Fendt employees at the Marktoberdorf, Germany site were temporarily sent home according to a report in the Allgäuer Zeitung. Disruption of the company’s computer network has suspended production and transportation of tractors at the facility. Subsequent reports have identified other AGCO/Fendt facilities in Germany and France that have been crippled by the attacks, including one in Bäumeheim, Germany.

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In its statement, AGCO/Fendt did not provide an update on the company’s efforts to recover from the attack. A spokesman said AGCO/Fendt would “provide updates to impacted employees, dealers, suppliers and customers as the situation progresses.”

Cyber attacks on agriculture on the rise

So far there is little information on who or what is behind the attack on the manufacturing sites. However, law enforcement and officials in the U.S.

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