CrowdMatch: Auto-curated crowds for better, faster results

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At Bugcrowd, our mission is to help customers reduce cybersecurity risk and improve security ROI by bringing the collective power of the global security research community (“the crowd”) to common security use cases like Pen Testing, Attack Surface Management, Vulnerability Disclosure, and Managed Bug Bounty. At the same time, we’re committed to giving the researcher/white-hat hacker community more lucrative (and interesting!) options for using their skills than any other crowdsourced security company.

We don’t take that mission lightly. It requires a SaaS-based, crowdsourcing-powered cybersecurity platform that encompasses:

Precise, automated matching of trusted researchers to customer programs based on skills, environment, and use cases (Pen Test, VDP, ASM, etc.) Global, in-house validation and triage services to quickly assess and prioritize risk Built-in security workflows that extend into your SDLC for optimal incident response State-of-the-art data infrastructure to power real-time analytics and visibility, as well as a rich security knowledge graph that continually informs and brings contextual intelligence to every risk-management decision.

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