Crisis management and incident management in the digital era

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An “incident” is defined as unplanned downtime, or interruption, that either partially or fully disrupts a service by offering a lesser quality of service to the users. If the Incident is major, then it is a “crisis.”

When it starts to affect the quality of service delivered to the customers, it becomes an issue, as most service provides have service level agreements with the consumers that often have penalties built in.

As I continue my research in these areas, and after talking to multiple clients, I have come to the realization that most enterprises are not set up to handle IT-related incidents or crises in real time. The classic legacy enterprises are set up to deal with crises in old-fashioned ways, without considering the Cloud or the SaaS model, and social media venting brings another quirk. Newer digital native companies do not put much emphasis on crisis management, from what I have seen.

Especially with the need and demand

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