Creating Greatness in Your Work

You’re having a casual conversation. You and your buddy are talking about some cool new tech. Next thing you know you’re talking about some great cheesecake you had for dessert last night and minutes later you’re on to the topic of adopting a dog. Happens to everyone. No? Just me?

I have disorganized thinking when it comes to being creative. Well, not “disorganized’ exactly. More like transient. Fluid. Distracted. Abstracted. Maybe bemused or ruffled. I’m searching for a positive-sounding word here – give me a minute. ANYhowwww, the point is, if my thoughts were a picture it would look a lot like if someone threw a plate of spaghetti at the wall. This is a beast that needs taming if I’m going to produce what I need to produce at work.

What I Tried

I tried outlining.

I tried lists.

I tried recording notes.

I tried calendaring and using reminders.

If it works for you – yay. None of that worked for me. And I suspect you or others on your teams are in the same spot. Why I thought this would be different when moving to employment from owning my own business is beyond me. Hope springs eternal, I guess.

How The Tools Work

Lists are just that – lists of things you need to do. A checklist. While a seriously valuable tool when it comes to deploying products, it’s a less good tool for freeing up the mind to make unusual and imaginative connections.

Recordings – I thought

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