COVID-19’s Impact on Cybersecurity Marketing

Gily Netzer, CMO of Perimeter 81 is a passionate, innovative and results-driven marketing strategist and a Veteran leader with about 20 years of international b2b cybersecurity experience. Bringing great leadership to cybersecurity companies, she has built teams across multiple regions internationally, established new technology categories, built marketing machines and provided leadership and relationship management that regularly drive 50% plus consistent year-over-year growth. Netzer’s past experience includes marketing leadership roles at places like Simulate Exclusive Networks and large brands, including Symantec. She’s a contributor to publications such as Forbes, serves in an F 15 fire squadron and is the mother of three teenagers.

From a marketing point of view, events are about brand awareness and demand generation, pipeline acceleration, media relations and more, but COVID-19 had different plans for marketers. Netzer weighs in on how difficult it’s gotten to rise above the noise after transitioning to digital. 

Even now that physical events are coming back with all of the bells and whistles, for example, RSAC 2022, attendance won’t be as high as it use to be. The whole thing of being physical and virtual together is what will cause event budgets to rise again, but I do think it’s worth it. With virtual events, they don’t have the same impact as being face to face, being able to mingle and enjoy relationships. They have much fewer leads and traction unless you’re a speaker. But not everybody is traveling so it will generate broader audience reach. We really have

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