COVID-19 Fraud Scheme Earns Mass. Woman 2 Years

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By Brian Dowling (May 12, 2022, 5:34 PM EDT) — A Boston federal judge on Thursday handed an admitted unemployment-aid fraudster a mandatory minimum two-year sentence for bilking the government’s COVID-19 pandemic relief program.

The aggravated identity theft count that Lilly Nguyen, 25, of Stoneham, Massachusetts, admitted to in August 2021 carried the minimum 24-month term that U.S. District Judge Denise J. Casper handed down. The government also recommended the two-year term.

Nguyen admitted to working with Daniel Maleus, also of Stoneham, to submit fraudulent claims to the temporary Pandemic Unemployment Assistant Program that was created by the federal CARES Act.

Maleus pled guilty in November to one count of conspiracy…

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