Considering a career in cyber security?

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Peak behind the ‘firewall’ at those already helping businesses build their cyber resilience

Working in cyber security has come a long way from the old cliché of darkened rooms and hooded tops, and perceptions that the industry was only interested in employing people who already have the technical knowhow in place or were perhaps hackers in a previous life. It’s an industry that needs diversity of thought and skill. But don’t take anyone’s word for it, read the stories of three Aon cyber professionals who’ve launched their own careers in three diverse roles within cyber security.

Cyber security as a career choice…

No one says you must be obsessed with computers to end up in cyber security, but it helped shape a career direction for Dylan Brown who is now a Penetration Tester for Aon’s Cyber Solutions. “I was always into computers growing up and followed that passion to university where I took an Ethical Hacking degree. Over time I fell in love with the

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