Connecting The Dots: The Kremlin’s Links to Cyber Crime

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None of us need a reminder of how difficult the ransomware problem has become over the past two years. Despite growing attention from the White House and lawmakers, the million-dollar question remains: is the government of Russia supporting these attacks? Or – in some cases – is it even directly responsible for them?

A new report from Analyst1, a threat intelligence firm, looks into the matter. Their conclusion? “Yes.” The report, Absolute Ransom: Nation-State Ransomware, highlights several key findings that the company believes connect Russian intelligence agencies to prominent ransomware attacks, including the SolarWinds hack. 

“We wanted to look at everything, from the bad guys’ side to what’s out there publicly,” DiMaggio told The Security Ledger. He said the company’s findings aren’t conclusive, but give him “medium confidence” that Russia’s government and intelligence agencies are involved with criminal ransomware outfits. “We have a bullet casing, the smell of gunpowder in the room, and a dead body, but we don’t have the gun itself,” DiMaggio said. 

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