Connecting the dots: Making sense of recent FTC developments

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Coincidence is best defined as events or circumstances that casually occur in correspondence with one another. But what looks like coincidence can sometimes turn out to be more coordinated action than anything else. This potential blurred line is something being raised following a flurry of activity involving the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s privacy work.

The FTC has been in the spotlight over recent months with news regarding a potential funding boost, a call to begin privacy rulemaking, personnel moves, and a number of activities pertaining to enforcement. Having all these developments crop up all at once could certainly stir arguments over coincidence versus coordination, but there’s no questioning these moves indicate the commission is in for an overhaul.

This type of momentum was expected for the commission when FTC Chairman Lina Khan, a noted antitrust professional, was appointed to her post in June. Whether everything is coming together too quickly to make the proper impact is up for debate, but some former FTC officials see

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