CompTIA updates CASP+ certification for security architects and senior security engineers

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CompTIA launched an update to CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+), a credential for senior level personnel responsible for an organization’s cybersecurity planning and readiness.

Individuals who are CASP+ certified have proven they can design and implement effective cybersecurity solutions on complex enterprise networks and lead the technical teams responsible for these tasks.

“Information security threats are on the rise globally and organizations are increasingly concerned over their readiness for the next attack,” said Patrick Lane, director of product management at CompTIA.

“The new CASP+ exam reflects what’s happening right now, covering both cybersecurity architecture and engineering,” Lane continued. “Professionals who earn this advanced credential have demonstrated the skills to assess an organization’s cyber readiness and design and implement resilient solutions.”

The updated CASP+ exam has a greater emphasis on cybersecurity architecture and engineering; endpoint security and zero trust methods; governance, risk and compliance (GRC) skills; and assessing an enterprise’s cybersecurity readiness. There is also more focus on how to lead teams to design, troubleshoot and

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