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Manager Interview at Deloitte


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Hi everybody,

I am interviewing for Deloitte for a manager position in the cyber risk and transformation team.I have searched around,  but I have not been able to find any help.Does anyone have experience interviewing with Deloitte and can share how the process goes? I interviewed with the Senior Manager and it went well, next interview is with the Director? Can you share tips and your experience?

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If you have made it to director level in the round of interviews you have done very well. This interview is basically a formality where you discuss about Deloitte careers, service line, expectations, team plans etc.

Show your willingness to succeed, learn and support the team and you should be fine.

Good luck!


I interviewed once with Deloitte for a Director position.I rejected the offer because I had already accepted other with a competitor.

I remember I had 5 different rounds of interviews. The process was pleasant, and it covered previous experience, behaviour and some specifics to the level I was applying (finance and market development)

My experience cannot be applied directly to your manager role, but I found useful the following resources in Deloitte's website.


Best of luck!