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Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge ( CCAK)

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Hi everyone, has anyone in the community have experience with the new CCAK certification between CSA and ISACA?. I am particularly interested in understanding how to prepare for the exam, how difficult it is and benefits provided by this new certificate.



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I found this book very helpful. I personally enjoy knowing this material before diving into studying so I can gauge the level of effort and time for the certificate. For someone new to the cloud, the study guide is also a good option to prepare for the exam. You'll learn some DevSecOps concepts, CSA stuff, and some good questions that auditors could pose to clients.

I heard from other candidates who have passed this exam that the wording of the questions is complex and open to many interpretations, so familiarity with ISACA expectations is key! There are some gotcha questions that if you don't know the frameworks, you will surely get wrong.

One of the most effective ways to prepare for cert exams is to do as many practice questions as You can. if you don't wanna go with QAE questions from ISACA, I recommend these CCAK practice questions. These practice questions cover all 9 chapters of the book in depth with explanations where it is required.


I am also interested, it seems the only information available to prepare for this exam is in this link.


The only resources that have been released is the study guide and no other resources available at the moment. I hope in the coming months more resources will be announced.

If someone else has experience with this exam please share it with us. The exam is available but there aren't any reviews online yet.





Just a heads up, CCAK virtual instructor and online self paced are now available.