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CCAK certificate worth it?


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Hi, anyone who has sit the exam can provide a review of the certificate? Is it worth it? What are the areas covered by this exam and cert?

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Yes, the CCAK is a cert worth having. It is still early days for the CCAK though as it has been recently released. The cert is specifically useful to auditors and consultants, and it focuses around the CSA control matrix, how to audit cloud deployments and general GRC practices in the cloud.

It will take some time for this cert to take off in the market; however the learning is very valuable and relevant in a world transitioning to cloud services. There's no other cert that covers these topics.


I recently passed the exam and all I can say is that the amount of knowledge you will gain from this certificate is decent. Keep in mind though that this certificate is highly focused around auditing cloud deployment and vendors, so it will not fit everybody in the industry.If you are a consultant,  auditor or work in the GRC space then CCAK is very valuable for you as a professional.