Coinbase sends out breach notification letters after 6,000 accounts had cryptocurrency stolen

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Coinbase is sending out breach notification letters to thousands of users after they discovered a “third-party campaign to gain unauthorized access to the accounts of Coinbase customers and move customer funds off the Coinbase platform.” 

First reported by The Record, the letters say at least 6,000 Coinbase customers had funds removed from their accounts.

“In order to access your Coinbase account, these third parties first needed prior knowledge of the email address, password, and phone number associated with your Coinbase account, as well as access to your personal email inbox. While we are not able to determine conclusively how these third parties gained access to this information, this type of campaign typically involves phishing attacks or other social engineering techniques to trick a victim into unknowingly disclosing login credentials to a bad actor,” Coinbase told affected customers in the letter. 

“We have not found any evidence that these third parties obtained this information from Coinbase itself. Even with the

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