Cofense advances its team members, Tonia Dudley and Josh Bartolomie

Cofense has shared the recent advancements of two key team members: Tonia Dudley was promoted to Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer, and Josh Bartolomie was promoted to Vice President, Global Threat Services.

Both Dudley and Bartolomie have held positions at Cofense since 2018, bringing to their new roles extensive historical knowledge and unique experience with both Cofense’s technologies and customers.

“Tonia and Josh each have a proven track record of excellent work, and over the years have been dedicated team members and mentors to their colleagues at Cofense,” said Rohyt Belani, CEO and Co-Founder of Cofense.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Tonia and Josh during their time here at Cofense, and I have full confidence that they will continue to provide our customers with industry leading email security solutions in their new positions.”, Belani continued.

In her new role focused on Cofense’s information security practices, Dudley will inspire security champions and prioritize Cofense’s culture of trusted cross functional partnerships, service, and continuous improvement both internally and externally.

She will also develop and nurture relationships within the security awareness, security operations and threat intelligence communities and provide them with up-to-date information on threats and security vulnerabilities that their organizations may face related to phishing defense.

As Vice President of Global Threat Services, Bartolomie will drive systemic cybersecurity research, innovation, and continuous improvements to optimize Cofense’s threat services, environmental awareness, and ability to identify and address emerging cyber threats.

He will place a strong focus on

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