Cloudflare Targets Security Poverty Line With Free Tools For At-Risk Groups

Humanitarian groups, local governments and non-profit organizations including the Organization of American States and the CyberPeace Institute have more powerful tools to fight of sophisticated cyber attacks, after Cloudflare announced a program, Monday, to make its Zero Trust One suite of security tools available for free.

Episode 223: CISA Looks To Erase The Security Poverty Line

Zero Trust has become the dominant cybersecurity framework for large enterprises; however, this has left out smaller organizations due to limited budgets, smaller IT teams, and a lack of resources. That’s especially true for non profit- humanitarian and free speech groups, who have struggled to protect their employees and data in the face of sophisticated, nation-state attacks.

Considering this, on Monday, Cloudflare, Inc. announced that the Zero Trust One suite security tools are now free to all at-risk public interest groups that are part of Cloudflare’s Project Galileo (for artistic groups, humanitarian organizations, and political dissenters) and Project Athenian (for state and local governments). 

Project Galileo and Project Athenian participants are constantly under attack because of their missions. Security problems have always surrounded these teams, which must divert time and money from their core missions to defend against potential and actual attacks. 

Zero Trust to the people!

The Zero Trust approach is the perfect solution to address this problem. It is a security model that guarantees that all the incoming and outgoing business traffic within a network is authorized and verified. All this requires identity verification for every person and device

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