Cloud Security Podcast

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Join your hosts, Anton Chuvakin and Timothy Peacock, as they talk with industry experts about some of the most interesting areas of cloud security. If you like having threat models questioned and a few bad puns, please tune in!

Episode list #32

September 20, 2021

EP32 Can You Ever Know Thyself: Cloud Attack Surface Management Topics covered: Attack Surface Management (ASM). Why do we need a new toolset and  a new category? Isn’t this just 1980s asset management or CMDB?How do we find those assets that may have been misplaced by the organizations? How can any technology do this reliably?ASM seems to often rely on network layer 3 and 4. Can’t bad guys just hit the app endpoints and all your network is irrelevant then?When you think about the threats organizations face due to unknown assets, is data theft at the top of the stack? What should organizations keep in mind as a

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