Cisco tool makes it easier to meld SD-WAN, security domains

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Cisco has upgraded two of its core software programs to make it easier for enterprise customers to secure data-center and WAN-connected resources.

Cisco has introduced what it calls Integrated Domain, which combines the domain controllers of Cisco DNA Center and Cisco SD-WAN vManage to tie together network connectivity between the two domains as well as ensuring security-policy consistency end-to-end, according to Justin Buchanan, Cisco director of product management, security policy and access.

It also allows the consolidation of functions within the Cisco SD-Access domain to coexist with that of the Cisco SD-WAN domain on a single device, further consolidating and simplifying the operation, Buchanan said.

DNA Center and SD-WAN vManage control and manage data center communications and SD-WAN connectivity, respectively. DNA Center includes support for automation, virtualization, analytics and assurance, security, and Internet of Things connectivity.  SD-WAN vManage collects data including network telemetry from Cisco vEdge devices, event alerts, and performance data from SD-WAN-connected resources.

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