Cisco IDs top 2022 security threats and what to do about them

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2022 will be another busy year for enterprise incident responders as ransomware, supply chain and myriad zero-day attacks will continue to rise, according to Cisco’s Talos security experts.

To help address the threats, the Cisco Talos team used a blog and online presentation to detail steps enterprises can take to defend themselves against the growing field of bad actors and also to point out lessons learned from recent damaging exploits such as the Log4j vulnerability and Microsoft Exchange server zero-day threats.

Once, zero-day attacks were typically launched by state actors against service providers, but those days are gone, wrote Nick Biasini head of outreach at Cisco Talos in a blog about the security landscape in 2022. Now new, less experienced combatants seek out a broader range of targets, using less surgical attacks. “This has led to more risky behavior than we’ve seen historically, without as much regard for collateral damage,” he wrote.

These state actors have changed their strategies, as well. Rather than focusing on espionage against other nations, now they also target dissidents and activists with attacks designed to destroy and disrupt.  At the same time criminal enterprises have become a larger threat thanks to the billions of dollars they are able to collect readily through cryptocurrencies. “We’ve never faced more challenges as defenders…” Biasini stated.

Some of the biggest challenges for 2022 include ongoing problems such as Log4j and ransomware.

Unpatched Log4j remains a threat

Log4j software is widely used in enterprise and consumer services,

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