Choosing the Right Remote Access Solution for Your Linux Environment

2 – 4 min read 78 10/17/2022

Choosing the right software for your enterprise can be a critical decision to make. With multiple remote access software out on the market, it can be perplexing to narrow down to one solution for your enterprise environment. By considering major business use cases and essential security factors, we have compiled a quick checklist to simplify your decision-making process.


Software without security features and basic authentications will make your enterprise ecosystem vulnerable to threats and hacks. Ensure the software you choose is coupled with robust authentications like SSO, 2FA/MFA, end-to-end encryption, and role-based access, as well as exhaustive recording and reporting features. 


It is essential organizations adhere to laws and regulations, which is why most of the industry sectors are compliant to mandates and policies like HIPPA, GDPR,  and PCI-DSS. When picking a solution, check whether the software will be compliant with these mandates, as well as your specific organizational policies. One thing to look out for is that the software doesn’t establish a remote connection without prompting confirmation on the remote device.    

Simple to Use

In most scenarios you would want to connect to a remote device instantly. A user-friendly interface and simplified workflow are additional factors you must look into before purchasing the software. Installation and initiating remote sessions must be a seamless process and no additional training should be required.

Scalable & Flexible

Industries and enterprise businesses are

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