Chinese Scams Target Kids With Promise Of Extra Gaming Hours

Fraudsters in China have targeted a child with promises of allowing them to get around the nation’s time limits on playing computer games – for a mere $560, according to the nation’s cyberspace administration. Yesterday the CAC detailed some of the 12,000 acts of online fraud perpetrated against minors it handled this year.

The unfortunate 15 year old, whom the CAC identified as Tan Moumou, was playing a mobile game when an unknown person added him as a friend on messaging platform WeChat and claimed he could circumvent China’s gaming restrictions. The rules limit minors to just three hours play each week.

The child surreptitiously made payments to his new “friend” using his parent’s mobile phone and handed over 3,800 yuan – around $560. Needless to say, the fraudster was not able to change Beijing’s limit on allowed gaming hours.

In another case, a 12 year old lured by the promise of a free game skin was convinced they had committed an illegal act and that a $1,500 payment could make the problem go away. That sum was suggested as a bargain compared to the year in jail or $15,000 fine that would otherwise be imposed.

The child made the payment – again using a parent’s phone – before his mother called the police.

Other incidences of fraud saw a 12 year old pay for gaming equipment that was never delivered, an eleven year old deceived in a fake lottery scam, and a 14 year old fooled into

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