China arrested 469 gambling fraudsters posing as girls

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China arrested 469 gambling fraudsters posing as girls

In China, a large-scale police operation was carried out to catch game cheaters . On September 15, law enforcement officers arrested 469 swindlers who pretended to be girls online so that victims could spend money on them in online entertainment.

This is reported by the website

More than 350 police officers from Changchun City were involved in the operation. And they caught criminals in 17 different provinces of the PRC.

As it turned out during the preliminary investigation, a group of companies organized the fraudulent scheme in China.

The scheme was rather intricate. The attackers entered into agreements with the organizing companies to promote games, after which they tricked users into certain games. To do this, scammers, disguised as girls, met men on social networks and invited them to register in the games they indicated. The scammers then encouraged the victims to spend money on virtual marriages and buying in-game items. In order not to arouse suspicion, the fraudulent companies asked their employees to communicate with the victims in

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