Changes in Cybersecurity at State – Education is Coming

I am a huge Nate Fick fan, so I was delighted to learn that when Biden announced his choice for the newly minted position of ambassador at Large for Cyberspace and Digital Policy at the State Department, it was Nate Fick.

The Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy (CDP) began operations this Spring and includes three policy units: International Cyberspace Security, International Information and Communications Policy and Digital Freedom. Jennifer Bachus, a career member of the Senior Foreign Service, is serving as principal deputy assistant secretary for the CDP Bureau and as a senior bureau official until an ambassador-at-Large is confirmed.

When you already have too many agencies and departments, silos and bureaucratic pass-throughs, creating yet another one on the surface seems like a really bad idea.

Enter Nate Fick

However, if that’s how we get folks like Fick into the meshing of government gears, I’m all for it.

For those who don’t know Nate, he is a former Marine officer and vice president and GM of Elastic Security and sits at the intersection of the cybersecurity industry, national policy and technology innovation.

If you’re in a fox hole, Nate’s the guy you want next to you.

He provides a framework for understanding the cyber domain, thinking about security from the perspective of the attacker and ensuring that organizations can continue to innovate in a world where perfect security remains an illusion.  Previously, he was CEO of Endgame, a cybersecurity software company, from 2012 through its acquisition by Elastic in

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