Change Performance Tiers of Azure Managed Disk

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The performance of your Azure managed disk is set when you create your disk, in the form of its performance tier. The performance tier determines the IOPS and throughput your managed disk has. When you set the provisioned size of your disk, a performance tier is automatically selected. The performance tier can be changed at deployment or afterward, without changing the size of the disk.

In this article, I will share with you how to change the performance tiers of your Azure Managed Disk without virtual machine downtime.

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Changing the performance tier allows you to prepare for and meet higher demand without using your disk’s bursting capability. It can be more cost-effective to change your performance tier rather than rely on bursting, depending on how long the additional performance is necessary. This is ideal for events that temporarily require a consistently higher level of performance, like holiday shopping, performance testing, or running a training environment. To handle these events, you can upgrade to a higher

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