Censorship in Vietnam: an army of online manipulation

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Censorship in Vietnam: an army of online manipulation

The Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) is the only political party in Vietnam. On paper, it coexists with the Vietnamese National Front, but this is actually a kind of umbrella organization of all Vietnamese associations that are strongly in favour of the government. The CPV has centralized control over the state, the military and the media. The supremacy of the party is even guaranteed in the national constitution.

This party also takes care of all censorship in the country. The government has been censoring the internet since 2013 when it was decided that citizens were no longer allowed to discuss political or other current affairs online. The CPV is particularly hard on bloggers and news sites.

In this article, we explain exactly how censorship in Vietnam works. We’ll cover why the Communist Party censors the Internet, what content the censorship targets, and how the government applies Internet censorship.

Why is Vietnam censoring the internet?

Vietnam has almost 70 million internet

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