Celebrating LogicGate Customers at Agility 2021

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You may have heard us say this a time or two before, but at LogicGate we truly believe that the work that our customers do in managing risk is critical. We believe that the ways in which we can partner together to streamline your work can meaningfully impact people’s lives by helping to make that critical work easier. 

At our Agility 2021 conference, we wanted to celebrate and highlight the achievements of some of our customers. So, we created five award categories that we felt highlighted both teams and individuals who are building top-tier GRC programs on Risk Cloud and who are actively championing the growth of our GRC community. The first three awards were determined by votes and the last two were determined by customer engagement data. In the spirit of privacy and security—something I know you all are familiar with—we’re going to keep award winners anonymous, but we still wanted to celebrate them!

Impact Award

This award was created to recognize a team

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