Catholic clergy surveillance org ‘outs gay priests’

A Catholic clergy conformance organization has reportedly been buying up tracking data from mobile apps to identify gay priests, and providing that information to bishops around America.

The group, Catholic Laity and Clergy for Renewal (CLCR), was formed in Colorado in 2019 and relocated its principal office to Casper, Wyoming in April, 2020, according to Colorado State business records [PDF].

The Washington Post on Thursday said that it learned of CLCR’s location data acquisition program from two people with first-hand knowledge of the program, heard an audio recording of group president Jayd Henricks discussing it, and saw documents supporting the allegations.

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On its website the group claims that it seeks to help clergy live by the church’s teachings and that “renewal of fidelity to church teachings will enhance the church’s credibility among members and non-members, thereby re-empowering the church to carry out its mission to proclaim and witness to the gospel.”

One of the declared purposes of the group is to “provide evidence-based resources to bishops that enable them to effectively judge and support quality formation practices.” Another is to “identify weaknesses in current formation practices and priestly life.”

In a 2018 book that contains an interview with Fr Fernando Prado, Pope Francis suggested gay priests should be celibate or leave the church. CLCR appears to be trying to enforce that dictum.

According to The Post, some of those involved with the CLCR

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