Campaign Pack – Data Discrimination Bill

Stop the Data Discrimination Bill Campaign Pack for ORG campaigners October 2022 – V1 CC BY-SA 3.0 1. The purpose of this pack 2. What is the Issue? 3. Key Messages

I) Creating a ‘Data Oligarchs Charter’

ii) Creating a digital surveillance state

iii) Risks to British business, workers and consumers

iv) The politicization of the ICO and Ministerial power grabs

4. Taking action as an individual

I) Writing to you MP

ii) Signing up to support our campaign online

iii) Writing a letter to the local paper

iv) Sharing ORG’s content with friends and family on social media.

v) Distributing leaflets in places like cafes, libraries and resource centers.

vi) Working with an ORG local group or forming a new group.

5. Taking action as a group

I). Going to visit and lobby your MP as a small group

II). Running a street stall event to distribute leaflets

III). Hosting a public meeting or talk to inform people about the bill.

IV) Talking to your local media by issuing a press release or speaking on the local radio.

V). Press releasing your activity

The pack is designed to empower and equip you to take action as a campaigner. This could be as an individual, part of one of ORG’s local groups, or as an organization that shares ORG’s concerns about the loss of our data rights, and the discrimination this will unleash.

The Government has announced reforms to UK GDPR and our Data Protection Regulations. These reforms will scrap,

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