Call for Nominations Open: FPF’s Award for Research Data Stewardship

When companies share data with researchers in a way that protects data, the collaboration can unlock new scientific insights and drive progress in medicine, public health, education, social science, and many other fields. 

FPF is thrilled to announce the open nomination period for FPF’s 3rd Annual Award for Research Data Stewardship. The Award recognizes partnerships between companies and research institutions where a company shares data it holds in a privacy-protective manner with a researcher or research team for scholarly publication. 

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Due by January 17, 2023

An example of an extraordinary award-winning partnership between researchers and a company to advance scientific and medical progress to benefit society through privacy-protective research data sharing is Stanford Medicine researchers and medical wearable and digital biomarker company Empatica. This award-winning collaboration studied whether data collected by Empatica’s researcher-friendly E4 device, which measures skin temperature, heart rate, and other biomarkers, could detect COVID-19 infections before the onset of symptoms. 

The award is presented to the company and its academic partner based on several factors, including the adherence to privacy protection in the sharing process, the quality of the data handling process, and the company’s commitment to supporting academic research. 

Learn more about past award winners.

The Award is a part of FPF’s “Corporate Data Sharing for Research: Next Steps in a Changing Legal and Policy Landscape” project to accelerate the safe and responsible sharing of administrative data between companies and academic researchers. This project is supported by the Alfred P.

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