BWASP – BoB Web Application Security Project

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The BoB Web Application Security Project (BWASP) is an open-source, analysis tool to support for Web Vulnerability Manual Analysis hackers.

The BWASP tool basically provides predicted information through vulnerability analysis without proceeding with an attack.

BWASP supports performing automated analysis and manual analysis.

The BWASP Project supports:

Find Attack vector automatically. (e.g. SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting) Detect website technology. Log4J vulnerability scan (Partially supports java language) HTTP REST API GuideLine Result Test payload option(attack test) Getting started pip3 install -r requirements.txt


BWASP Tool Guide Roadmap Add OSINT feature (find subdomains) Reference

Web Infra Environment Analysis: wappalyzer(

Contact Contributor Acknowledgement

This work was supported by Korea Information Technology Research Institute (KITRI) Best of the Best (BoB) Program 10th vulnerability analysis track.

[Project Name: BoB Web Application Security Project]

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