Brace yourselves: new UK data laws are coming

The Government have just announced their plans to gut the UK General Data Protection Regulation. Instead, they are proposing to bonfire your rights and remove the protections the law affords to your private life, vulnerabilities, and aspirations.

This is but a natural product of poor proposals being discussed in a rigged consultation process. Big multinational corporations, their lawyers, and corporate-funded think tanks were advising the Government on how to keep our data safe, courtesy of the “International Data Transfers Expert Council”. At the same time, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport were taking care of ignoring the critical voices of civil society and ordinary citizens, in a delicate balance of arbitrary cherry-picking and a smokescreen of wishful thinking.  

The outcome of such a shiny example of integrity in policymaking is rather damning. According to what the Government have announced, individuals would lose protections against discrimination and abuses, only to get less choices in return. Dodgy businesses would get their licence to be malicious, reckless, and to launder your personal data oversea, far from your eyes and those of the Regulators. The cherry on the cake, the Information Commissioner’s Office (the Regulator) would be coopted by the same Government they should keep an eye on. 

This is Open Rights Group first take on the formal response to the consultation, and there will be more to unpack. In the meanwhile, let’s take a sneak preview at what the Government have just unveiled.

Less choice for you, less accountability for law-breakers

Online advertisers have long kept

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