Bookstores offline due to ransomware attack

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French company TiteLive has been hit by a major ransomware attack. About 130 independent bookshops in the Netherlands, Belgium and France are largely shut down as a result. They currently do not have access to billing and inventory data and must manually enter all books sold.

Attackers demand ‘very high ransom’

It is reportedly a ransomware attack. In doing so, hackers penetrate a company network and lock important data behind them. The only way to regain access to these files is to pay a ransom. As soon as the victim transfers this amount of money to the perpetrators, he is handed a decryptor or decryption key. You can compare this with a key to open the front door of your house. With this tool, the victim can get back to work with his data.

According to Computable, the attackers demanded “a very large ransom.” The amount involved is unknown. It is also unclear who is behind the attack, how he managed to penetrate the computer systems, whether confidential data was

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