BoF sees nothing in European Commission bill against child pornography

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Bits of Freedom is not in favour of the child sexual exploitation bill that the European Commission is likely to announce this week. The interest group is afraid that conversations are no longer confidential. She, therefore, sent a letter to the executive board of the EU, requesting that parts of the proposal be deleted.

That writes Rejo Zenger, policy advisor at Bits of Freedom, in an opinion piece.

Legislation must be ‘effective and sustainable’

The sexual exploitation of children and distribution of child pornographic material is a major problem that needs to be curbed. The interest group is firmly convinced of this. It is important in this battle that the legislation is “effective and sustainable”. This means that policymakers should not come up with laws and regulations that, at all costs, do everything they can to prevent this.

That’s exactly what Bits of Freedom is afraid of. The European Commission is likely to present a bill this week to combat the distribution of child pornography and tackle the sexual exploitation of children.

One of the things in the proposal is that platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram will be forced to watch all chats from users. We also call this client-side device scanning. If they find anything suspicious, they should report it to the police.

For these reasons, BoF sees nothing in the European Commission’s plans

Zenger emphasizes that the idea of ​​the European Commission is noble. At the same time, he thinks it’s a bad idea. He puts forward three reasons for this.

Firstly, there is no

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