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Cloud computing is pervasively growing in importance for almost all businesses. Therefore, developing and managing secure workloads in the cloud is necessary and security on the cloud has become a significant concern for organizations due to increased cyber-attacks.

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Russian cyberattacks and invasion of Ukraine have led governments on both sides of the Atlantic to worry that the situation could spread to other countries, triggering an all-out cyberwar. The government of Ukraine and its banking system have recently been targeted with cyberattacks attributed to Russia.


Small and medium sized businesses will face a variety of cybersecurity threats in 2022. Learn how to protect yourself and your organisation from these cyber threats.


Security experts have described the Log4j vulnerability as one of the most serious ever. Earlier this month, information security experts learned about a zero-day vulnerability in Apache Log4j, a widely used Java logging library that could be exploited to remotely execute code.

This month as part of our cyber interview series, Rob Van Os talks to us about his journey in cyber, the SOC-CMM assessment methodology and the MaGMa framework. He also tells us what it is like to work in a SOC, what training cyber professionals should have and tips on career progression within a Security Operations Centre.

In our first inspiring cyber interviews post, we talk to Shirin about her cyber career as a SOC professional. Shirin talks us through the challenges she has experienced as a cyber professional, and gives us valuable advice about what really matters and makes a difference in cyber.