‘BidenCash’ Leaks Free Pack of 1 Million US Credit Cards

The dark web carding site ‘BidenCash’ has leaked a fresh pack of 2,141,564 unique credit cards, with almost half of them belonging to holders in the United States.

The leak occurred on February 28, 2023, and based on the analysis of multiple cyber-intelligence firms, including Flashpoint, Cyble, and D3Lab, the data appears to be authentic.

The details contained in the leaked records include full card numbers, expiration dates, CVV numbers, holder’s name, bank name, card type, and status. In some cases, the records also contain additional holder details such as email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, and social security numbers.

BidenCash announcing free credit card leak

This is the third time BidenCash has released a massive card dump for free, which happens for promotional reasons. The first included tens of thousands of cards and occurred on the site’s launch in June 2022. A second promotional event took place on October 2022, when the platform gave away 1.2 million credit cards.

The card details are stolen by skimmers injected on the checkout pages of compromised e-commerce sites that can siphon the ordering details that customers enter in the forms.

The pack that BidenCash gives away for free this time includes the following:

965,000 credit cards from U.S. holders 97,000 from Mexico 97,000 from China 85,000 from the UK 36,000 from Canada 35,000 from India 23,000 from Italy 22,000 from African countries 20,000 from Australia 20,000 from Brazil Countries impacted by the latest BidenCash leak

The most impacted

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