Bfore.Ai Releases ‘The King, The Knight & The Snowball’ – Cybersecurity Book for Children

MONTPELLIER, FRANCE, December 19, 2022 / — Bfore.Ai, an AI-driven predictive cybersecurity solutions company, recently launched the very first cybersecurity book in the market. This book, geared towards children and security specialists alike and titled The King, The Knight & The Snowball, was downloaded over 100 times within the first hour of being available. This unique seasonal tale is available now and free for anyone to download and enjoy, just in time for Christmas.

This short fairytale targets cybersecurity professionals and aims to make predictive cybersecurity an understandable and relatable topic for all ages while promoting how important it is to be security conscious in a world where there are so many threats. While the book is designed to open the understanding of cybersecurity at an early age, it’s intended as a gift to the entire technology community and all age groups.

“In today’s world, security is a high-pressure, demanding field. It’s often hard to share a few quiet moments with those we love. We wanted to capture the spirit of sharing and caring that is essential to this time of year,” said Luciano Allegro, CMO at Bfore.Ai. “We felt the best way to do that was to create a book that gives an introduction to a new wave of cybersecurity technology — a predictive cybersecurity — wrapped in a fun story that anyone could enjoy.”

Developed with security professionals in mind, this book offers a great way to start the conversation about cybersecurity in general and predictive cybersecurity,

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