Best VPN for Windows PC (2022)

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Why I believe VPNs are important

If you’re going to use a VPN, you’re most likely going to do so away from your home and office. Sure, if you’re in a dorm or your have roommates (or your internet service provider is intrusive), you might use a VPN at your home base. But most often, you’re going to use a VPN because you’re in an airport, at a hotel, in a school, at a coffee shop, and you don’t want your data running over a public Wi-Fi hotspot that could be corrupted in any of a thousand different ways.

And, if you’re using a VPN away from home base, you’re probably going to do so with a laptop. Yes, you might put a VPN on your phone or tablet, but if you’re doing real work, you’re almost undoubtedly doing it on a laptop. And if you’re using a laptop, you’re more likely than not running Windows. Yes, Chromebooks and Mac laptops are also prevalent, but PC’s are still the clear winner.

My analysis and top picks

In that context, we’re aggregating some of the best VPNs for Windows in this article. Not only have these all been put to the test in various reviews, but we also have aggregate benchmark data that we’re applying to our recommendations. Below, we recommend four VPNs and let you know how they fared in Windows performance testing against each other.

NordVPN Review Best VPN

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