Best security camera 2022: Secure a home, inside and out

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Security is imperative for companies to deter trespassers and would-be thieves and to protect valuable equipment crucial for businesses to operate successfully. 

A robust setup with cameras, sensors, and night vision can take the pressure off security teams and give business owners peace of mind out-of-hours. Luckily for organizations, the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, mobile connectivity, apps, and cloud technologies has radically changed the security landscape and made it easier than ever to set up multi-room and on-premise systems.

The possibilities are endless: cloud or local feed storage, customizable or automatic alerts and alarms, smartphones and tablet connectivity, wired or wireless, battery-powered or mains options, video capture, night vision, audio feeds of varying quality, and the ability to check-in, in real-time, are all on offer and can be tailored depending on the requirements of your business. 

To make navigating the variety of hardware and vendor ecosystems available to today’s company owners less of a challenge, we have assembled our top ten picks for businesses. 

Ring Stick Up Cam Solar Flexible, mobile security solution without spending a fortune Ring

Once the case, heavy-duty, wired surveillance systems were the only options available to protect a business premise. Times have changed, and with the explosion in mobile solutions and the increased bandwidth offered by broadband and 4G/5G, there are mobile-friendly options for SMBs seeking a budget-conscious security option. 
The benefit of the Ring camera

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